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One Application must be filled out COMPLETELY by each adult applicant over the age of 18. When supplying names, give complete and full names including full middle names, if any. Sign on 2nd page with your complete and full signature and list both your work and your home phone numbers. Do not give pager numbers. When supplying addresses, give complete addresses including apartment numbers, cities, states and zip codes.WARNING: This application may be refused and/or rejected if it is not signed, complete, or legible; if satisfactory identification is not presented; if any information is false, cannot be verified, or does not meet Owner´s criteria; if additional information is requested from Applicant and is refused; or a Co-Applicant is rejected.


Submit Application by Email or in person with the following:

  • 2 Forms of ID

  • Previous Years Taxes

  • Last 3 Pay Stubs or Last 3 Months of Bank Statements




This application is made for the purpose of procuring rental of herein described premises, and for credit clearance.Everything that I have stated in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that you will retain this application and all supporting documents whether or not it is approved. I hereby authorize CDGCL,LLC, through its designated agent and its employees to check my credit, employment, and rental history, and to answer questions about my credit experience. I understand that should I lease an apartment, CDCGL,LLC, and its agents shall have a continuing right to review my credit information, rental application, payment history and occupancy history for account review purposes and for improving application methods.I hereby agree to release and hold harmless CDCGL, LLC, its agents, servants and employees from any and all liability, legal proceedings and costs including attorney's fees arising out of either the verification of the information contained on this application form or the release of this information to other parties.All of the above data and information set forth herein including, but not limited to, the statement of my income and financial condition is warranted to be true and accurate and to fully and correctly state my financial condition as of the date of this application. I also covenant and agree to notify you of any changes in the status of any of the aforementioned items during the period of my tenancy.The Application Deposit is fully refundable only if written notice revoking this offer is received by the owner/manager within three (3) days. However, if owner/manager has duly accepted this offer to rent, this Application is then to be treated as a completed contract to rent/lease THE PROPERTY and Applicant's attempted revocation after three (3) days shall be deemed a breach of contract. In addition, the failure of Applicant to timely pay all sums due and execute the Rental Agreement/Lease shall be deemed a breach of contract. In either case, the Application Deposit shall then become nonrefundable to the extent that such deposit may be withheld and used to offset and recompense any and all losses incurred as a result of such breach. Otherwise, the Application Deposit will be applied towards the Security Deposit.It is agreed that this deposit will be held by CDCGL, LLC to reserve the premises listed herein for applicant's occupancy. The deposit will be nonrefundable after three (3) days except in the event applicant is not approved or possession of said premises cannot be delivered to applicant on the date specified.It is also understood that the application fee is not a deposit and will not be refunded or applied to rent if applicant is approved or denied. This fee is for the cost to process the application.



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